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AGT promotes training of the person for stay in an extreme situation, for example, in the conditions of space flight, lowers the emotional intensity which is situationally caused increases adaptation speed.

The first sessions carry out in the warm silent room, soft light, further engaged the attention to these factors which is able not to pay and can carry out sessions even in the bus well owning a technique. It is important to adopt the convenient provision, to exclude muscular tension. Training is carried out either sitting, or semi-sitting, or lying. For bigger concentration it is necessary to close eyes.

Stanadartny autogenic exercises; Autogenic meditation; The Autogenic modification including special exercises for bodies and a formula intention; the autogenic neutralization including AG an otreagirovaniye and AG verbalization.

Formulas of auto-suggestion in all cases have pronounced character, but indifferent coloring and intonation, and also suggestion not of denial of alcohol, and indifference to it is always recommended. AGT at alcoholism demands a full course.