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Now the global role of motivation of work is obvious since for anybody not a secret that without motivating work of the worker the employer risks to lose qualified personnel, and it respectively will lead to liquidation of the enterprise. Therefore I consider this problem very actual in our developed economic situation.

Practically everyone has own point of view how to improve the work. Relying on the interested support of the management, without being afraid of sanctions, it is necessary to organize work so that at the worker the desire to realize the plans was not gone.

The type of motivation is closely connected with those social roles which workers carry out, being put in these labor relations. Formation of the mechanism of motivation has to have character of publicly declared, responsible dialogue of subjects and institutes of the power with subjects of the labor relations, groups of hired workers and the civilian population in general.

R. Owen and A. Smith counted money the only motivating factor. According to their treatment, people - purely economic beings who work only for receiving the means necessary for acquisition of food, clothes, the dwelling and so on.

Work which is performed only at home behind the computer is called as a telework. Its main shortcoming - isolation, however, for some categories of workers, besides burdened with family duties is more preferable such form of the organization of work.

Requirements constantly change therefore it is impossible to count that the motivation which worked once, will be effective and further. With development of the personality opportunities, needs for self-expression extend. Thus, process of motivation by satisfaction of requirements is infinite.

For management of work on the basis of motivation such prerequisites as detection of tendencies and interests of the worker taking into account his personal and professional abilities, definition of motivational opportunities and alternatives in collective and are necessary for the particular person. It is necessary to use more stoutly the personal purposes of participants of labor process and the purpose of the organization.

The representative power has to give support to spontaneously proceeding motivational process and give it the institutionalized form. It means essential increase of the status and level of subjectivity of the process.

Enrichment of work means providing to the person such work which would give the chance of growth, creativity, responsibility, self-updating, inclusion in its duties of some functions of planning and control of quality the main, and sometimes and adjacent production. It is expedient to apply this method in the sphere of work of technical officers.