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- introduction horizontally and vertically integrated of social partnership: the state - the private sector and their professional associations and associations - local communities as mechanism of ensuring equal dialogue.

Together with the project of the European commission on support of implementation of the agreement on partnership and cooperation between the European Union and KR held 3 seminars since March 28-29, on April 1-3 in three directions in hotel Dostuk and Academies of tourism:

The Kyrgyz Republic has objective prerequisites for more active entry into the world tourist markets. The main tourist product of Kyrgyzstan are various natural resources, historical and cultural heritage. The analysis of and empirical data testifies to the increasing interest in tourist products of Kyrgyzstan and positive tendencies of development of tourism.

One of tools on implementation of development of the international tourism in Kyrgyzstan is tourism marketing. By means of marketing, the state increases demand for tourism for which it is necessary to have accurate statement of the purpose, knowledge of the market and products of tourism.

For investors there are certain negative sides connected with risk of investment. One of the main sources of risk at an in tourism - its huge capital intensity in relation to operating expenses. It high cost of rooms and. The capital collects slowly for a period, and return of invested funds too happens slowly. Therefore a task is depreciation of a.

During research it was found out that the tourist industry of Kyrgyzstan is capable to as much as possible the competitive advantages at concentration of market efforts on certain types of tourism and the target markets. The most competitive and attractive types are: