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where KTL, K'TL, KTLN - respectively coefficients of the current liquidity for the beginning, the end of the reporting period, standard; M - the period of restoration (loss) of solvency, month; T - the reporting period, month.

After making decision on recognition of structure of balance unsatisfactory, and the enterprises - insolvent additional information is requested from the enterprise and the profound analysis of its financial and economic activity for a choice of option of carrying out reorganization procedures for restoration of its solvency or liquidating actions is carried out.

As it was noted above, sufficiency of the balance sheet is determined by the main indicators: coefficient of the current liquidity, coefficient of security with own means, solvency restoration coefficient, solvency loss coefficient.

If the coefficient of restoration of solvency of KVU> 1, at the enterprise is real opportunity to restore the solvency, and, on the contrary, if KVU <1, the enterprise has no real opportunity to restore the solvency in the next time.

Reliable method of improvement of a financial state production diversification, i.e. dispersal of assets on different types of activity is considered. In some cases reduction of spheres of a production activity is effective. For example, in the charter of a number of the oil and gas organizations to primary activities connected with oil and gas production there was an otneseta also construction activity which is not connected with the main and auxiliary production, operation of housing stock, water channel networks, production and realization of food and agricultural products, etc. until recently.